Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Scholar (Societe Brewing's The Pupil) -- Brew Day

I've recently spent a good deal of time brewing up recipes from other bloggers in an attempt to gain some insight of different malt bills I haven't used before or new hops that I've been neglecting.  This has been a delicious way for me to learn about other homebrewer's methods and the quality recipes that they've developed.

This is another such recipe.  The blogger over at Meek Brewing Company visited the Societe Brewing and straight up asked them for the recipe -- to which they surprisingly spilled the beans.  I've largely taken his recipe, adjusted some of the hopping for my personal tastes and switched out the yeast.  I had purchased a vial of Super San Diego a while back, but it was getting fairly old at this point and I didn't have the time to start it up.  Thus, I went with my house yeast, WY1028 London Ale.  Of course, the mason jar of yeast I used didn't start up in my starter for whatever reason, so I had to pitch an additional vial the next day.

The brewer indicated that getting this beer as dry as possible really brings out some of the flavors.  I'm not a huge fan of overly dry IPAs and given that my house yeast doesn't attenuate as much as Super San Diego, I am going to have to settle for more of a 1.010 FG rather than a 1.006.  I'm excited to see how this grain bill accentuates the hops but still provides that nice fluffy head from all of the wheat malt.

The Scholar (Societe Brewing's The Pupil Clone)
5.5 gal batch -- 90 minute boil
Est OG: 1.060
Est FG: 1.010
Est ABV: 6.58%
IBU: 67
SRM: 4

10.5lb 2-Row Malt
3.5lb White Wheat Malt
0.75lb Carapils

0.5oz Magnum @ FWH (24 IBU)
0.7oz Nelson Sauvin @ 20 min (14 IBU)
0.3oz Cita @ 20 min (7 IBU)
2.0oz Nelson Sauvin @ Whirlpool 10 min (13 IBU)
1.0oz Cita @ Whirlpool 10 min (6 IBU)
0.5oz Centennial @ Whirlpool 10 min (3 IBU)
2.0oz Nelson Sauvin @ Dry Hop 3 Days
1.0oz Citra @ Dry Hop 3 Days
1.0oz Centennial @ Dry Hop 3 Days

1250ml starter WY1028 London Ale

Mash @ 147f for 90 minutes

5/27/2014 -- Brewed by myself.  Mash went fine, gathered 8gal of wort with a 74% efficiency.  Boil/chill proceeded as normal.  It was hard to tell if the starter actually took off, but I pitched it anyways.

5/28/2014 -- Still no fermentation activity.  This never happens with my washed yeast (until now).  Got scared and pitched another mason jar of WY1028 slurry.  Fermentation took off in a few hours, probably just had a dead batch of yeast?

6/8/2014 -- Added dry hops.

6/11/2014 -- Bottled 4.75 gallons carbed to 2.4 vol. Final gravity was 1.010.

7/6/2014 -- Tasting notes.  This is an awesome beer.


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