Friday, September 26, 2014

The Gentleman (American Pale Ale) -- Brew Day

Several week ago I brewed the Russian River Hill 2, Row 56 single hop simcoe clone.  I never posted about it because I was lazy, but it turned out to be a really nice beer.  For comparisons sake, it's identical the recipe below, except solely with Simcoe.  It came out as a really nice, clean APA that wonderfully showcased the hops.

The grain bill comes out basically 2/3 Pilsner to 1/3 Pale Malt with a touch of C10 and Carapils for sweetness and head retention.  If you're looking for a very well rounded grain bill for a house APA, then this is definitely it.

For the time around, I wanted to change up the hops based on what I had on hand.  A quick search on some forums led be to go with pairing Amarillo and Citra with the Mosaic hops that I knew I wanted to include in this brew.  I've been heavily trending towards Nelson in all of my hoppy beers lately, so I wanted to do something a little different this time.

No pictures for this brew day, but everything went pretty normally.  Just make sure to boil this for 90 minutes due to the heavy pilsner malt backbone.

The Gentleman (American Pale Ale)
5.5 gallon batch -- 90 minute boil
Est OG: 1.057
Est FG: 1.013
Est ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 41
SRM: 4

8.50lb Pilsner Malt
4.50lb Pale Malt
10.0oz Caramel 10L
8.00oz Carapils

0.25oz Magnum @ FWH (13 IBU)
1.00oz Amarillo Gold @ 5 min (5 IBU)
1.00oz Citra @ 5 min (7 IBU)
1.00oz Mosaic @ 5 min (7 IBU)
1.00oz Amarillo Gold @ Steep 5 min (2 IBU)
1.00oz Citra @ Steep 5 min (4 IBU)
1.00oz Mosaic @ Steep 5 min (4 IBU)
1.00oz Amarillo Gold @ Dry Hop 4 Days
1.00oz Citra @ Dry Hop 4 Days
1.00oz Mosaic @ Dry Hop 4 Days

750ml starter of WLP200 Best of Both Worlds

Mash @ 151f for 60 minutes

9/24/2014 -- Brewed by myself.  Got mash efficiency of 72% and ended with 5.5 gallons of 1.055 wort -- a little low due to some lack of boil off.

10/2/2014 -- Dry hops added.

10/6/2014 -- Bottled with 4.2oz of corn sugar for 2.4vol CO2.  Finished at 1.010, a little drier than the recipe called for but that's fine with me.  Taste and aroma were fantastic.

11/7/2014 -- And here are some tasting notes.

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