Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Provocateur (American Pale Ale) -- Brew Day

So, since I'm waiting for a few pounds of hops from the 2014 harvest -- dammit Label Peelers send me my hops! -- I decided to do an APA that was somewhat of a blend of my grain bill for The Gentleman and that of Tired Hand HopHands.  I really love how the blend of Pilsner and 2-Row highlight the hops in an APA, but I also loved the texture provided by flaked oats that can be found in the Tired Hands lineup.

When I brewed the HopHands clone earlier this year, it retained a bit of a vegetal taste for a few weeks after it was ready.  I've attributed this to the large dry hop that I probably left on for a little too long.  I've since shortened my dry hopping contact times to around 3-4 days.  I've found no deterioration in hop flavor (arguably more) and the vegetal character has essentially disappeared.  I've made some slight changes to the hop bill from my clone before (more hops!), but this should be similar to the last brew, with maybe a more crisp grain bill.

Brew day was pretty standard.  My mash efficiency continues to be ridiculous since I bought the new mill.  I'm trying to compensate for the increase, but it's still a little erratic depended on the size of the grain bill.  I'll get it one of these days...

The Provocateur (American Pale Ale)
5.5 gallon batch -- 90 minute boil
Est OG: 1.047
Est FG: 1.011
Est ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 41
SRM: 3

5.00lb Pilsner Malt
3.00lb 2-Row Malt
1.50lb Flaked Oats
0.50lb Carapils

0.30oz Magnum @ FWH (15 IBU)
0.50oz Amarillo @ 5 min (3 IBU)
0.50oz Centennial @ 5 min (3 IBU)
0.50oz Simcoe @ 5 min (4 IBU)
1.50oz Amarillo @ Steep 5 min (4 IBU)
1.50oz Centennial @ Steep 5 min (5 IBU)
1.50oz Simcoe @ Steep 5 min (6 IBU)
2.00oz Amarillo @ Dry Hop 4 Days
2.00oz Centennial @ Dry Hop 4 Days
2.00oz Simcoe @ Dry Hop 4 Days

1000ml starter of WLP200 Best of Both Worlds

Mash @ 152f for 60 minutes

12/8/2014 -- Brewed by myself.  Brew day went pretty normally.  The new Brew Bag that I ordered is fantastic and fits perfectly in my cooler and kettle.  Mash efficiency came in at a whopping 88%.  My efficiency on these lower OG batches are simply outrageous since purchasing my own grain mill.  Ended up with 5.5 gallons of 1.050 wort, pitched starter and I'm letting it ferment at ambient (room temp around 62f) in my basement.

12/28/2014 -- Added dry hops.

1/1/2015 -- Bottled.  Finished at 1.009.  Tasted slightly vegetal.


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