SDBC Flagship Beers
The Abbot (Belgian Dark Strong) -- Figs, date, and plum flavors dominate this BDSA
The Acolyte (Trappist Singel) -- Simple Trappist blonde ale, very clean
The Barista Batch #1 (Mocha Stout) -- American Stout with cacao nibs and cold-pressed coffee
The Barista Batch #2 (Imperial Breakfast Stout) -- higher gravity, different grain bill
The Barista Batch #3 (Imperial Breakfast Stout) -- more concentration on fermentation, carbonation
The Gaoler (Wee Heavy) - Malty, amber strong Scotch ale with a clean profile
The Gentleman (APA) -- Super clean APA featuring Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo
The Patriot (Saison) -- Belgian Saison single-hopped with Nelson Sauvin
The Peon (Imperial Porter) -- Coffee, chocolate, perfect roast.  One of my favorites.
The Scholar Batch #3 (American IPA) -- Hoppier, drier, and apparently higher ABV
The Sickle (Belgian Golden Strong) -- High ABV, full flavored Belgian pale ale
The Southron Batch #1 (APA) -- Nice, somewhat sessionable APA hopped with Nelson & Galaxy
The Southron Batch #2 (APA) -- Lighter grain bill, yeast change, adding Amarillo
The Squatch (Amber Ale) - Moderately hopped amber ale, dry hopped with Citra & Nelson Sauvin
The Squatch (Amber Ale) - Redo with more hops and color control
The Tiller Batch #1 (Bavarian Hefeweizen) -- Decocted hefe with flavors trending towards clove
The Tiller Batch #2 (Bavarian Hefeweizen) -- Similar recipe to the first batch, fermented warmer
The Trapper (Oak-Aged Farmhouse) -- Rye saison aged on chardonnay-soaked french oak
The Undertaker (Oatmeal Stout) -- Roasty, ages well on oak & vanilla beans.

Sour & Wild Ales
The Blight Batch #1 (American Farmhouse Ale) -- American hopped saison with brett
The Blight Batch #2 (American Farmhouse Ale) -- Similar to the brett version with rye
The Great Unknown (100% Brett IPA) - Tropical IPA fermented with TYB Amalgamation
Mon Petit Roo (Flanders Red) -- My first attempt at brewing with bugs.  We'll see how it goes.
Le Fleau (American Farmhouse Ale) - Oak-aged, dry hopped, bretty farmhouse ale
Les Levres Rouges (Golden Sour Ale) - Lacto-soured golden ale aged on fruit
La Paroisse (Spontaneous Fermentation) - Starter -- Trying a true, lambic-style fermentation.
Le Peste (Traditional Lambic) -- Turbid mash, long fermentation.  Half straight, half on cherries.

Inspiration Brews
Les Mains (Tired Hands HopHands) -- Sessionable APA with tons of aroma
The Gambler (Sorachi Saison) -- Brooklyn Sorachi Ace inspired saison
The Nanny (Kona Pacifier IPA) - Tropical fruit, hoppy
The Philosopher (Russian River Pliny The Elder) -- The classic DIPA
The Scholar Batch #2 (Societe Brewing The Pupil) -- Big, juicy, citrus IPA
The Scholar Batch #3 (Societe Brewing The Pupil) -- Re-brew with an emphasis on FG
The Scout (Modern Times Blazing Worlds) - Amber IPA featuring Nelson & Mosaic

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